Maeva Blancheton

Maeva Blancheton

Maeva Blancheton
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Cheese Grater Earring Stand: Paint a cheese grater and hang your earrings on it as a fun and creative way to organize your jewelry! Why didn't we think of this before? Visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore to brainstorm repurposing ideas.

Easy Way To Turn A Xl T-shirt Into A Cute Dress.

Clothes that can be worn in more than one way save a little extra money! This DIY idea shows how a t-shirt can be worn as dress or beach cover-up! Check out our t-shirts at Chez Thrift and give it a try!

Totoro en Fimo

Kawaii Desu Ne - Mini Bottle Art - I discovered this while looking at some crafts on Totoro. So I looked more into it and discovered Egyptianruin on deviantART who makes very cute mini bottle charms.