1967 Volkswagen Van  via  Sweet Vintage Caravan Co.

1967 Volkswagen Van via Sweet Vintage Caravan Co. I really like these windows babe, we'll need ones like this.

Opel "Pig"

Opel: Rabbit, Boar

The Print Ad titled The Boar was done by Y&R Paris advertising agency for Opel in France.

80 Ultra Creative, Clever

80 Ultra Creative, Clever & Inspirational Ads

Cool print campaign from Fiat, with the slogan of “There are enough angry faces on the road. On the print ad they show the front of other car brands that looks angry, in the end they placed the Fiat front which looks like it

BODYS by Laguna. Disgusting sexist ad! Women are NOT objects! Why we still need feminism

BODYS by Laguna. Why we still need feminism

Mercedes-Benz 4x4: "Mouse 4x4" Print Ad by Nfq Advertising

The Print Ad titled Mercedes-Benz : Mouse was done by Nfq Advertising advertising agency for product: Mercedes-Benz (brand: Mercedes-Benz) in Russia.

adv / Renault Red Bull

Renault vence Fórmula 1 e provoca Ferrari em campanha impressa

The Best Christmas Poster Advertisements

Print advertisment created by Publicis, Spain for Renault, within the category: Automotive.