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Pixel à la Lego

Italian designer Marco Sodano recreated three famous masterpieces (Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Lady with an Ermine, and Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring) using lego blocks so as to illustrate that all children are authentic artists.

Lego library

Lego Library ~ I cannot even begin to explain how epic, amazing, fantastic, and beautiful this is to me.

Reef of Blind Pew | I've built it for UkrBricks comunity and… | Flickr

I've built it for UkrBricks comunity and Robotica festival in Kyiv

Lady Jacqueline | by Ayrlego

For Lands of Roawia Global Challenge XII - Unrestricted - Exploration.

Publicité pour les stylo billes “Pilot Extra-fine“, qui en vante les pointes fines avec de superbes tatouages sur des figurines LEGO. Campagne de publicité réalisée par l’agence Grey (Barcelone). Source:

Bad ass LEGO Tattoo – Pilot Extra-fine A awesome ad for ball-pen “Pilot Extra-fine“, with some crazy Bad ass Tattoo on LEGO figurines ! I love it ! Created by Grey agency (Barcelona).