Environment Art by Maxim Revin

Thermo-nuclear station by Razer / Maxim Revin. (via Thermo-nuclear station by razer - maxim revin - CGHUB)

Vendeur armes

(Shadowrun) The Art Thread. "Hey Boom Boom, how's it going chummer? No, I don't want in on your latest shipment of that stuff gives me nightmares.

Visionneuse d'images du jeu Kojima Productions : Un nouvel artwork de Ludens sur Jeuxvideo.com

Yet another layer of the Kojima Productions riddle is revealed as Hideo Kojima unveils a closeup of the face of Ludens, the studio's mysterious mascot.

Techno-Wizard Gunfighter

This article, from the series "Fantasy art inspirations'' presents the most successful works with fantasy warriors collected by me from the Internet.