What a great idea!

DIY::How to make a doorway puppet theater out of an old curtain. Just found the curtain and tension rod! Make a surprise for the girls for the Turkey Day break?

Clean up after the kids in no time with a DIY toy bag -- such a great idea for busy moms.

DIY Toy/Lego Bag and Playmat

Easy clean up or nice for on the go. This DIY Toy Cinch Bag has been a lifesaver -- it was SO easy to make and my son loves it.

Un super jeu de route à imprimer et colorier pour créer un circuit à l'infini !

Jeu de route à imprimer

Take a white poster board and go wild wild with your imagination !

Great idea for an infant toddler climbing bar!

Engaging activity and can lead child in certain direction. maybe full circle to where they started so they don't go to the parents. - toys on a railing for babies wanting to pull up and stand

DIY pâques                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Inspiration de petits cadeaux DIY pour Pâques

DIY Bunny Jars~ Cheap toy bunnies glued to the lids of recycled jars, and painted fun easter colors.ADORABLE filled with easter treats

Comment fabriquer un bac à sable maison

Une Super Idée Pour Faire un Bac à Sable Pour les Enfants.