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cafe racer infographic Can anyone tell me where this came from? I would like a full size quality image of it

AKIRA. I can't really say the movie did justice to the manga. No matter, this is one sci-fic fans should watch. #Codename 28. Love how he forms the DNA spiral using rubble. Can't remember whether the film had that scene though...

Akira (1988)

For the manga of the same name, see Akira (manga).) is a 1988 anime film written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo based on his hit manga. The film is set in a futuristic and post-war city, Neo-Tokyo, in 2019

Steppenwolf, Staple Singers, Grateful Dead and Santana concert poster by Lee Conklin

Double Week: Steppenwolf, Staple Singers & Santana and The Grateful Dead, Preservation Hall Jazz band and the Sons of Champlin. Poster by Lee Conklin and the first time Santana was billed as just Santana--dropping the "Blues Band.

Seven Samurai, Akira KUROSAWA

Seven Samurai, Akira Kurosawa Watch it. Make the time and watch it. It's on Hulu, you can rent it from Netflix, probably find it in stores that sell movies. Just watch it

Robert Rauschenberg ~ 381 Lafayette Street, NYC. 1968 Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson via MONDOBLOGO: artists in their studios

artists in their studios: Robert Rauschenberg 381 Lafayette Street,NYC Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1968


24 Unexpectedly Awesome Lego Creation The movie poster for Akira ♥

Secrets in Lace Bettie Page Collection Bettie Page began modeling after her first divorce. Few jobs were available for women in the 1940's, and she preferred the creativity of modeling to being a secretary. #modcloth #styleicon

Bettie Page Leopard Collection in WILD New Colors!

Bettie Page - by Bunny Yeager wild leopard print cavegirl jungle photograph

Katsuhiro Otomo. Legendary pencil patience

Katsuhiro Otomo, le père d'"Akira", Grand Prix du Festival d'Angoulême

1970 Buick Opel GT Advertising Newsweek December 1969

It's hard to imagine a Buick lighting your fire today.and even harder to imagine a "sports car" with a smaller engine than a Chevy Spark.


Made a poster for the screening of Akira at the film club! I’ve been working hard on the pre-show for this weeks screening as well, and its gonna be accompanied by a live Gamelan performance.