par esto te va a servir la maqueta de bloques sin pegar, para poder jugar con la volumetría y al final me vas a expresar sobre una foro el partido arquitectónico

architecture-apprentice: “ Initial concept model set within the site model with site analysis and the designs response overlaid in white. Method: Photograph your model and print the chosen image. Overlay tracing paper over the top of the photo.

Casa Lottersberger / Estudio Irigoyen, Navarro Arquitectos

Gallery of Lottersberger House / Estudio Irigoyen, Navarro Arquitectos - 27

Studio McGee's Guide to Hanging Lights

Studio McGee's Guide to Hanging Lights (STUDIO MCGEE)

Tranquilla Cubus by Anique Azhar

Architectural Plan & Architecture Sketch Designs, Inspiration for CAPI Student Projects , Drawing, Lineart Design

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way too crowded! not enough negative space. too many objects cut out in too many different shapes - needs some boundaries and order

M2 平面布置方案优化家具布置优化公寓住宅别墅空间设计方案优化-淘宝网

M2 平面布置方案优化家具布置优化公寓住宅别墅空间设计方案优化-淘宝网