DIY button stamp tool tutorial – great for pottery, polymer clay, play dough and plasticine

DIY Button Stamp Tool Tutorial

Learn how to make your own texture tools with this DIY button stamp tool photo tutorial - great for pottery clay, polymer clay, play dough or plasticine. by viola

Coloured thread wrapped on wood // Kirstievn, via flickr

I feel like this is a very sucessful way of displaying a colour pallette, however I would be worried that it would look too clumpy as a wall hanging, However, I will still consider testing it out.

Made of sewing machine spools and snap fasteners

Taylor: Not sure why someone called these spool earrings when they are Bobbin and Snap" earrings? I still love all the ideas I saw made using spare sewing parts because I have a ton of it!

measuring tape spool by Layla ~~ Reminds me of my mother, the seamstress. Saw this in her hand every day of my life. Makes me miss her so much. sandpipersong

Measuring tape spool, vintage sewing tools, lace, vintage thimble and scissor. Composition of tailoring equipment.

Twine and Jute Storage - via Regards et Maisons                                                                                                                                                      More

Démêlez-nous ! Idées pratiques pour nos bobines de fil

fingerprints, mixed media fibers. in the box and ready to ship by Ann Coddington Rast

by Ann Coddington Rast a Knit/Crochet Installation Art, posted by Emily Schrag

Creative string art

Creative string art