Highlighting and contouring guide for your face shape! I've seen highlighting and contouring guides but never one that coincides with a face shape, yay!

pinceau a maquillage

Pinceaux à Maquillage : utilisation et conseils [Le Guide Ultime]


Famous Ombre Lips Tutorials / Best LoLus Makeup Fashion not sure if I like the piercing or lipstick better

Sarah McG @sarahmcgbeauty ⚡️ Electric kiss,...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by Sarah McG (@sarahmcgonagall)

⚡️ Electric kiss, I'm gonna change the world with my lips. ⚡️Using "Bane" as a base with the Cold Chemistry palette over top, Electric Palette for the purple electricity and white liquid liner for the lightning bolts. Using and brushes to apply

Jazmina Daniel est une maquilleuse australienne

I'll never let go" 🛳Titanic inspired lip art unfortunately the movie is based on a real life tragedy 💙 For this lip art I used…

Incredible lipstick artwork

Lip art masterpieces kiss boring beauty looks goodbye