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there is a piece of cake in the bottle
Cake au chocolat en bocal
Vidéo MArmiton
1h 10m
there are many pieces of chocolate and nuts on this white plate, which is cut into squares
Chocolate and caramel shortbread ou Millionaire - Gâteau Ecossais
Vidéo Marmiton
a pie sitting on top of a wooden table next to apples and other fruit items
Tarte chocolat - poires facile
Vidéo Marmiton
a chocolate cake with powdered sugar on top and one slice cut out from it
Gingerbread - 750g
(39) Gingerbread - 750g - YouTube
a white dish filled with vegetables on top of a wooden table
Comment préparer des légumes rôtis au four : recette
Une recette colorée et saine pour marier les légumes de l'automne et de l'hiver.
a woman pouring oil into a glass next to an empty bowl and a cup filled with liquid
Le muesli - Mon Assiette Santé
(39) Le muesli - Mon Assiette Santé - YouTube
sliced up meat sitting on top of an orange plate
Magret séché maison - 750g
(39) Magret séché maison - 750g - YouTube
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a window with a clock on the wall behind them
La cuisine de nos voisins Suède
(39) La cuisine de nos voisins Suède - YouTube
a piece of bread sitting on top of a red plate
Stollen traditionnel - 750g
Stollen traditionnel - 750g - YouTube
a white plate topped with meat and rice next to a fork, knife and glass of water
Pommes de terre rôties au four au bacon et au fromage
Une idée originale pour accomoder la pomme de terre avec du fromage et de la charcuterie !
french toast on a plate with strawberries and juice
Marmiton pain perdu
a white cake with red icing and a rose on top is sitting on a table
Christmas cake - 750g
(39) Christmas cake - 750g - YouTube
a blue and white plate with a piece of pie on it
Marmiton Tourte aux myrtilles
some food is laying out on a wooden cutting board next to a glass jar with something in it
Comment préparer un cake à la carotte et noisettes en bocal
Un gâteau à la carotte et à la noisette cuite dans un bocal.
a white plate topped with an eggplant covered in cheese
Recettes d'aubergines farcies - Marmiton