Atlantic Beach Pie~Bill Smith's Atlantic Beach Pie is based on a recipe for lemon pie, a staple of the North Carolina coast. <EASTER Dessert Wishes>

A North Carolina Pie That Elicits An 'Oh My God' Response

Atlantic Beach Pie with citrus filling and saltine cracker crust.I've never tried it, but it looks good and is named after the place where I grew up. I don't know about the saltine cracker crust though

This Almond Sheet Cake could be the best cake I've ever made! So moist and delicious--the frosting your pour on top is to die for! On

Almond Sheet Cake with Berries

Almond Sheet Cake Dessert Recipe via Tastes Better From Scratch - The Best EASY Sheet Cakes Recipes - Simple and Quick Party Crowds Desserts for Holidays, Special Occasions and Family Celebrations

Berry Almond Tarts - Baked Bree

Berry Almond Tarts

Berry Almond Tarts - Baked Bree Work on replacing the flour with almond flour and the sugar with honey or less processed option.

Ultimate Almond Cookies!

I ate these almond macaroon as a kid they were amazing! Very natural and healthy too!