breakfast bruschetta bar

Breakfast Bruschetta Bar

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tartines gourmandes 2

Slight variation on the open sandwich. Easy to prepare if you have ingredients pre - chopped. Love these delicious quick snacks for moms

bacon and egg breakfast pies.

Bacon and egg breakfast pies

Food recipe Make dessert for breakfast in these savory little pies. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pies with roasted tomatoes.

Ce n'est pas parsk´on est seul et/ou k´on a rien dans le frigo k´on peut pas se faire plaisir hein... 10-15 mn à 200 degrés au four ;)

Muffin Tin Recipes recipes food food 2 📌 I have been making a muffin-tin toast & egg since the late and my kids loved it 💖. Later, I began adding pre-cooked meats such as sausage ! A full breakfast for any age!

Voici une brioche qui fera sensation sur la table du petit-déjeuner. Une pâtissière française a inventé le pain aux imprimés léopard !

Découvrez le pain brioché façon « imprimé léopard » ! Étonnant et gourmand, vous allez faire un carton pour le goûter !

If you thought watermelon bread was delicious, prepare your tastebuds for leopard milk bread! That’s right, a French baker by the name of Patricia Nascimento who lives in southern Portugal has finally shared the secret to this long-lost treat.

Trendy Mood | Les recettes qui me font rêver

Les recettes qui me font rêver #4

Bacon Jam Breakfast Sandwich With Fried Egg And Avocado. Open faced fried egg sandwiches with sweet, salty, smoky and spicy bacon jam and cool and creamy avocado From: Closet Cooking, please visit

Hamburgers végétariens aux galettes de pois chiche

Vegetarian Food, Vegan Food, Vegan Bagel, Healthy Food, Hamburger Vegetarien, Hamburgers Végétariens, La Galette, Galettes, Healthy Hamburger

ptitgone_croque-monsieur-Oeufs poché

Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame? Image Via: Alexandra Cooks. Apparently the Monsieur has no egg, while the Madame includes the poached egg. Looks delicious!

Découvrez la recette Oeuf cocotte au bacon en nid de pommes de terre sur

Oeuf cocotte au bacon en nid de pommes de terre

Découvrez la recette Oeuf cocotte au bacon en nid de pommes de terre sur