Louis Icart (1880-1950) Art Deco - - I used to have this, got it at an antique shop outside of Austin.

Illusion by Louis Icart, Art Deco Artist.the cigarette-smoking female

Recette - Sauce échalotes pour poisson - Proposée par 750 grammes

Sauce échalotes pour poisson

Sauce échalotes pour poisson (échalotes grises si possible, beurre, vin blanc…

Art Decó Actinea Bronze and Ivory Figurine (1925) by Demetre Chiparus, American

Demetre Chiparus, American - Art Decó Actinea Bronze and Ivory Figurine, 1925

Louis Icart Bubbles Fr Etching Art Deco 20s 30s Icart Women Fashion Print

Louis icart "bubbles" fr. etching art deco 20's 30's icart women fashion print

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