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Planks to Flatten Your Abs! #FitnessFriday

This week's is about flattening your abs and strengthening your core. Don't worry — our fitness expert and founder of Bridal

Fitness Friday - Exercise Tip: When doing any kind of squat – always keep your feet flat on the floor.

Full Leg Workout Routine - Get Sexy Legs - I’m gonna give you the best leg workouts for women. The best thing is that, for some of them you don’t even need gym equipment, and you can do them with free weights too. So, as your favorite personal trainer,

Can you do better today? How? Let us know!  #FitnessFriday #YORBestBody

Can you do better today?


Yoga Poses for Weight Loss-Yoga poses are very effective and instant way to lose weight. Yoga is very old exercise but now people are doing it again because it is very soothing and relaxes the mind and soul. Yoga is best if it is done in the morning.