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Trees, wrapped in white and perfectly aligned with the horizon… hence the title of this beautiful work by Zander Olsen, Tree Line. We used to limewash apple its art.

Contemporary Basketry

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Spider web

"Will you walk into my parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly I hate spiders, but this web is truly a work of art

ARANEOUS [adjective] cobweblike; extremely thin and delicate, like a cobweb; as the araneous membrane of the eye.

Spooky dew embellished spider web artistry… Mother Nature at her finest. ~Charlotte (PixieWinksFairyWhispers) (via haunted-autumn)

spider's web

“In the Spider’s Parlour” - Model: ZomBri - Photo/Rigging:

Inspiration || Un après-midi bucolique...

land art, sea, at the beach, stone circle mandala by Katie Griesar land artist

BROOKS SHANE SALZWEDEL : "Je crée des environnements naturels dans lesquels je place des reliques de l’existence humaine." |

“Held Up” 2008 x graphite, tape, resin Today I’m admiring the wintry images of Brooks Salzwedel. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, Salzwedel creates his misty images with layers of resin, illustrated with graphite pencils.

‘La Chasse’ by John Grade <3 - Inspirations, Idées & Suggestions,, Atelier de paysage Paris, Stéphane Vimond Créateur de jardins en ville #art #LandArt #streetArt #Peinture #art #sculpture #Sandart #sandSculpture #saltscupture

La Chasse By John Grade - If you came across ‘La Chasse’ by John Grade while hiking in the Scarpe-Escaut forest in northern France, the eerie art piece might be .