Whether you're looking for the perfect font for your wedding invitations, a logo for your new business or maybe even for a gorgeous custom tattoo you're designing, here are 10 of my favorite romantic fonts.

Lettering & Logo design inspiration I love the format of the background image driving the brand imagery.

Hand-drawn Lettering Set on Behance

I’ve been experimenting with hand-drawn lettering and calligraphy lately. So I took some of my best and turned them into wallpapers.


I love these letters because of how light and cheerful they are to look at. The thin and thick lines add a sense of stability with room for play and goofiness without being over the top. It is the perfect amount of seriousness and playfulness.

by Ricardo Martins, via Behance

Full size of mural stunning and super creative technical drawing wall mural ideas on pure blackboard with cornell land grant collage drawing chalkboard wall mural photo booth wedding jazzy chalks artist

Starbucks Home Brew Typographic Mural by Jaymie McAmmond in 40 Fresh Examples of Creative Typography

Фото Gemma O'Brien в Instagram • 10 сентября 2015 г. в 17:20

Just when we thought her murals couldn't get any cooler! Another rad mural wip by by goodtype