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It's such a perfect board thing. and the bag storage underneath. who needs a bench?

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Amazing neutral colour palette, natural materials and heavy wooden furniture and global accents make a perfect base for a cohesive and stylish interior scheme.

Poser des tableaux au sol fa lalala © Paulina Arcklin | Blog post: MY BEDROOM GALLERY

My bedroom is placed top of an old Darkroom (this Loft is an old Photo Studio) so I wanted collect my favorite photos as Gallery to .

Spring Summer time 2016. >>> See more by visiting the picture link

A scent of travel, adventure and history is conveyed by these ethnical, exotic consoles. What’s your next design destination?

Pendant light

Pendant light


MESELEPhotography + Styling: Paulina ArcklinCustomer: Mesele from IstanbulLocation: in Amsterdam

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5 Idées pour faire entrer la lumière naturelle dans la maison