pot pour se calmer: dire à l'enfant qu'il a besoin d'une pause et qu'il pourra revenir quand toutes les paillettes seront retombées...

Calming jar-tell child that they need a break and may come back when everything has settled to the bottom - I think I love this idea. Better than a simple time out for temper tantrums. some days I think that I need a calming jar.

$7 IKEA table - paint with chalkboard paint, cut hole, insert chalk bin.

Ingenious Uses for Chalkboard Paint

things to do with an ikea table - paint with chalkboard paint, cut hole, insert chalk bin, have fun. Would be a fun twist on a dinner table too. I loved coloring on the table at Garfield's

recyled plastic bottles become a waterwall.

Fun with water, great recycled plastic bottle project. This could be pretty if you used wine bottles. It's just a matter of figuring out how to cut a hole in the side.

marquer les ciseaux avec des yeux : ils doivent toujours regarder l'enfant

Fine motor and cutting skills - Mark scissors using eyes so that kids always know to keep the scissors up with eyes looking at them!

crayons toupie ( avec CD)

Maybe write the four dreidel letters (nun, gimel, hay, shin) on the CD to use as a dreidel for a colorful game!

Fun With Clothespins…

Peg puppets - fun craft for the kids. This would be awesome for Jonah craft at church with tiny Jonah in whale's mouth.

Sabliers Pédagogiques

TIME: The Passage of Time: DIY timers for to 30 mins to teach passage of time

Read to self chairs. It's special, it's something totally will love it and I'll bet they are SILENT! LOVE THIS!

During quiet reading time, just have the kids flip their chairs around and give them pillows to lounge on. Read to self pillows!

Construction Sensory Box

Under Construction Sensory Box Create a construction site right in the living room! Grab a storage bin, fill with rocks and look around for any hard hat type machinery from the bottom of the toy box, under the bed, our outside. Sit back and watch your chi