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"...steal from the rich give to the poor.....steal from the rich give to the poor..."

steal from the rich give to the poor.steal from the rich give to the poor.

[gif] Sam and Dean Winchester  #Supernatural

forevercryingbecausemerlin: “ make-me-your-queen: “ secretly-misha: “ plumagesilas: “ kototyph: “ it’s so weird a pair of pretty boys in a pretty car they kinda just radiate ”predator”.

The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - D is for Dean - Warped Factor - Daily features & news from the world of geek

Jamming out to your favorite song on the radio jn the car. Darkness Whispers: Mega articol - Supernatural funny gifs :D Dean Winchester.

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Crimson Peak has been out in theaters for less than seven days, and already it has proven itself to be one hell of a gift to Hiddlestoners everywhere. That's right, there are plenty of sexy Tom Hiddleston moments in Crimson Peak , and fans everywher…