ceramic sculpture but could opt steel,aluminium maybe be even PVC tubes painted with outdoor paint - Gardening Life

ArtMuse67: Recycled Art

Recycled Art (high school) - Recycle focus project and also opportunity to teach some sculpture principles and form and design.

Recycled Art By Justin Gershenson Gates

Using the gears, springs, and other parts from watches, Chicago-based artist Justin Gershenson-Gates (aka A Mechanical Mind) creates tiny robotic stea.

Recycled art South Africa

sabrinascott: South African sculptor, Andries Botha constructed eight life sized elephants out of wood,and iron.The elephant were placed on the beach in De-Panne,Belgium.

Dragon at the Recycled Art Exhibit in Beijing

The Recycled Art exhibition was recently in Beijing courtesy of the organization DRAP ART. DRAP ART is committed to fostering new consumption habits among con…

"J.U.N.K. Bot" -Recycled art assemblage

Jen Hardwick-Art assemblage pieces using a combination of new and recycled materials.

Beautiful Recycled Art

recycled goat Electronic goat in electronics with Sculpture Animal


Portraits Made From Found Objects Portraits Made From Found Objects by artist Zac Freeman. “ I started making assemblage artworks of this type in The artworks are made entirely out of collected.