THE DAMNED neat neat neat

THE DAMNED, did actually catch a special where Brian James came back for a few songs - at a late Milton Keynes festival.

Anarchy in L.A.: The Sex Pistols' Designer, Reloaded - Jamie Reid and Shepard Fairey: Shoplifters Welcome (Red, Cream, Black), 2012. Silkscreen and mixed media collage on paper, edition of 6, 26 x 34 1/2 inches

Anarchy in L.A.: The Sex Pistols' Designer, Reloaded

Barney Bubbles

John Cooper Clarke Directory, Omnibus Press, Designed by Barney Bubbles.

punk rock advent calendar

The board would look better, but I like this idea throw a dart at the board, and that is your guess for Luna's due date (possible baby shower game idea - dates adjusted to her appropriate time frame, of course). winner gets a prize!

punk poster

Music Poster Books - Street Art: The Punk Poster in San Francisco

Darby Crash of The Germs, Slash magazine cover, 1978

Germs: Darby Crash, Slash Magazine April 1978 via Someday All The Adults Will Die: Punk Graphics