Street Art / Graffiti ... Love this so much!

As Ellen was running away from Espinoza she programmed her clothes to look like the brick wall that was behind her. Espinoza was able to see her because her hair was a different color then the brick wall.

STREET ART COMMUNITY » We  declare the world as our canvas.

A nice graffiti pink tree painted on a wall. _________________________ Look, graffiti is and can be both art and vandalism. It's always been that way, and it's not an either-or, mutually exclusive choice.

Pink Eye Graffiti Art #color #art #graffiti

Pink Eye Graffiti Art

Pink Eye Graffiti Art - ‘Skylark Davis’ by DAIN is part of the ‘Copasetic’ show at New York’s Brooklynite Gallery. The show itself is a tribu.

Raccoons painted on a tree - street art

Arte callejero - Street art by Wang Yue, dubbed Barksy by the press, whose work can be found in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.

NDSM :: Amsterdam :: Holanda // junio 2012*

Collection of amazing street art, graffiti art & urban art on Mr Pilgrim online. See more including original street art for sale from UK artist.

We love street art. It's one of the most diverse forms of visual art, it can be appreciated by anyone, and it transforms the space in which it appears. #streetart #graffiti #street #art

To say I am inspired by street art is a massive understatement. I am obsessed with it. It's the purest, most diverse form of visual art and I love that it can be appreciated (or not appreciated) by everyone, and transforms the space in which it appears.