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This collection of space ladies is comprised of real female astronauts, concept illustrations, and science fiction pinups.

Anand Duncan

Anand Duncan Finds Flirty Fashions For Retro Astronauts And Dapper Crocodiles Alike [Art] - ComicsAlliance

Serge Birault

Retro-Futuristic, Space Girl, Secy Comic Girl, Sci-Fi Girl, Space Bambi by…

Mala Mastroberte, Photo by Mike James

Mala Mastroberte, Photo by Mike James.I hope she doesn't have implants, because when she steps out into the vaccuum of space her boobs will explode!

Miss Flying Saucer!

Miss Flying Saucer Pin Up Cigarette Case Business Card Holder Wallet Science Fiction Sci Fi SF Pinup Pin up Rockabilly Retro Gal