14 brillantes publicités qui n’ont pas besoin d’accroche

Lego cada vez se supera más!

Can You Name the Original Painting from these LEGO Versions? The Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci

LEGO Art ("The Girl with the Pearl Earring")

Italian designer Marco Sodano recreated three famous masterpieces (Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Lady with an Ermine, and Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring) using lego blocks so as to illustrate that all children are authentic artists.

Fanculo San Valentino - Testspiel.de

Dorcel Store, the premium French sex toys retailer, has launched a Valentine's Day-themed campaign to promote its vibrators.

Escalera eléctrica iPhone por Yongwook Seong, via Behance. #AyudaiPhoneMx #iPhone

This is cool, the escalator has been turned to look like an iPhone screen with a whole range of apps. This is advertising apples endless apps. It would be hard to miss this whilst you are travelling up the escalator.