Parquets originaux  Patchwork de morceaux de chêne en bois debout, Raphael Navot (Vedes Rénovation)

Parquets originaux

A pattern piece with a sort of fixed-wood texture. The lines and hatching could be texture or simply shading but either way it looks appealing to touch.

Panneau mural en béton - Lames bois verticales

PANBETON®, designed and manufactured by Concrete LCDA is a light weight concrete wall panelling system.

3a61dcd689f758c98cd186475e9adbb6.jpg (JPEG Image, 658 × 790 pixels)

3a61dcd689f758c98cd186475e9adbb6.jpg (JPEG Image, 658 × 790 pixels)

Art Print Barnacular série n 9 noir et blanc par micromacrostudio

Art Print "Barnacular Series No. 9" Black and White Wall Decor Inspired by Nature

Enfants de Saturne

love this white and gray static and marble texture. Would look great as a tile or even a wallpaper or piece of art.

Carrelage imitation carreaux de ciment

Carrelage Imitation Carreaux de Ciment : 7 Idées Tendance !