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Swimming with Sea Turtles in Hawaii

Get in the swim with graceful Hawaiian honu (green sea turtles) - simply beautiful too!

Want some dot art ideas? Whether you've read The Dot, are studying pointillism, or just want to make some fun art with your kids, here are 19 ideas to try.

19 Dot Art Ideas for Kids to Try with Q-tips, Stickers, Paper Plates & More

Want some dot art ideas? Whether you've read The Dot, are studying pointillism, or just want to make some fun art with your kids, here are 19 ideas to try.

To be or not to be what exactly? http://www.chloethurlow.com/2014/12/look-10-years-younger/ More

Sketchbook or journal idea: I am always thinking, writing and working with images. Fun to think of writing inside the female face, kind of like thinking inside the lines

Le mini-album photo du livre est assez petit pour tenir dans votre sac à main ou dans la poche. Ajoutez jusqu'à 24 de vos photos préférées à ce 2x3 livre photo de poche. Plus

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. The mini photo book album - Mini álbum de fotos polaroid.

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Paintings by Joshua Miels

Painting by Joshua Miels. Joshua Miels is an Australian contemporary portrait artist who aims to “capture the vulnerability of people and the emotions that people try to hide from others”.

« Les oiseaux » sont une estampe tirée directement de lun des pages de mon livre, « Vingt façons pour dessiner un arbre ». Cette impression est une édition limitée de 100. Autres tirages actuellement disponibles dans cette série sont Plumes, Les pissenlits, champignons,Pommes de pinetPapillons.    Est de la taille de papier A4 (210 x 297mm environ), et limage est placée de sorte que limpression sadaptera dans un A4 ou un cadre dimage emmêlés de 8x10inch. Les images ici montrent une trame…

Love the patterns added here. Great details to bring your doodles to the next level. // Credit: Birds, limited edition giclee print by Eloise Renouf on Etsy

自分は、どんな記事であれ、読んでいる途中にGIF画像が出てくるとワクワクするタイプ。基本的に文字と写真で構成されているものだからこそ、いきなりアニメーションが登場すると惹きつけられてしまうのだ。とはいえ、ここではそうした“変化球”ではなく、“ストレート”に6作品をまとめて紹介。それなのに見とれてしまうのは、一つひとつがとんでもない存在感でこちらに迫ってくるから。これらのイラストはjames ...


Tortue albinos

30 Rarely Seen Albino Animals From Around The World…Amazing! - One day I will see an albino animal. An albino baby turtle swims with green sea turtle babies in a pond at Khram island, near Pattaya, Thailand.


Another tutorial from yours truly! This time: How to draw feet! Feet are something I can quite honestly say I am pretty good at drawing. Tutorial - How to Draw Feet