Butterfly Paper Story

An original butterfly paper cutting story by David Novak. Performed for the Family Passport series at NC Stage, Asheville.

Fourth Little Pig Built a House of Paper by Steve Vinik

This is a progressive origami story by Steve Vinik featuring a wallet, a house, a piano, a wolf and my own invention, a big fat pig!

Origami Flasher Spinner Hat Tent

[Intermediate] Tutorial Variation of Chris Palmer's Hat Tent.well, at least it functions similarly. It's really just an Easy Flasher with an extra square t.

Steve Vinik's origami story: The Journey of Joto-Ku

This is a progressive paper folding story of an orphan boy named Joto-Ku in Japan.

Octopus Flasher by Jeremy Shafer

VIDEO - Instructions - Octopus flasher by Jeremy Shaffer

Origami Tales:: 5min excerpt

IPAY showcase application Video Clip: Japanese Storytelling combined with origami for young audience, performed by Kuniko Yamamoto

Funny Story [origami+]

You can to cheer your friends with this little story,with using arigami

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