Which punk Disney princess are you?

Which punk disney princess are YOU?

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She loves winter, wolves and Starbucks, She hates heights, bad TV shows and she is very friendly

Et si les héros des dessins animés vivaient à notre époque ? | MinuteBuzz

An artist has created an updated version of your favorite Disney characters and what they would look like today. Tangled, Frozen & Brave are all here!

Charity is 14. She was kidnapped in a local store when she was three and was taken to London where her kidnapper died when she was11. We were able to track her family down but they all died in a flat fire!she want to live a better life while she can

Adding converse and a hat can change your outfit from very girly to a bit more urban and/or street.

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I'm 15 years old and daughter of Eugine and Rapunzel. I'm nice and I listen to Fall Out Boy and Green Day. Want to dye my hair purple but I don't have the money. adopt me please

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