Needing something for all the longer necklaces in our new line. Necklace hanger, could paint/decorate the hanger too

14 Easy Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry

DIY Necklace Organizer (Hanger)~ Never know where to hang your necklaces so they don't get all tangled up?

This is so easy, #diy long lasting air fresheners using baking soda and essential oils. Play with scents and create a healing therapeutic air freshener.

15 Genius DIY Ways to Make Your Home Smell Wonderful

This works great! Much better than the gelled version of DIY air freshner and easier to make. Everytime I walk in the room it smells fresh & has a nice scent to it. Will be doing in my whole house soon. -diy air freshener - baking soda and oil

this is so clever... old pallet, painted white and concrete pavers make table top.

Outdoor Pallet Furniture DIY: 2 pallets + 3 pavers + white paint = a great outdoor shelf, bar or garden table.

I will be making this very very soon!

Southern Lovely: Button burlap {heart}: I really like this idea. I want to make my own changes to this project but overall I think this could be fun.

Flatware divider / range couverts

Create a clutter-free work space by storing your scissors, rulers, thread, and other notions with one of these stylish organization ideas.