Hélène G' Bamy

Hélène G' Bamy

Bordeaux  ·  Le commerce dans tous ses aspects et supports que ce soit : #Archi commerciale, #Retail, #E-commerce, #Packaging, #Animation commercial #Merchandising et plus.
Hélène G' Bamy
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A team of TU Delft students designed and printed a stainless steel bicycle frame to demonstrate the potential of this new method of printing. The students prove the frame's strength by riding the bicycle on the bumpy cobblestone in the city of Delft.

3d printed prosthetic / Thomas Vacek

Beautifully crafted printed prosthetic leg cover in the form of athletic leg muscles Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Imprimante 3D : une société chinoise construit 10 maisons en 24 heures chrono

''Shang Hai company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. has advanced the science of printing by printing all of the parts needed to construct houses and then using those parts to build ten houses, all in just a single day.