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ksc CLARA: What Clara told you in the Cloisters..// DOCTOR: I don't remember a single thing about it..// CLARA: You said memories become stories when we forget them. Maybe some of them become songs..// DOCTOR: That would be nice..// CLARA: Yeah, it would be, wouldn't it? *sniff* ☺♥♥

Hell Bent - The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) the doctor has a guitar. I REPEAT. The Doctor Has a Guitar. Your argument is invalid.

So, let's get this right....no flirting in the Tardis or anywhere right....?ok....so we're clear on that then......? Mummy on the Orient Express

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara - Mummy on the Orient Express My favorite doctor episode so far. With a dash of Queen?

The doctor looks really old in that pic

Peter is actually a pretty fly old gentleman. :) ~ Says original pinner. To me, he's a pretty fly guy, since I'm about his age, too! Remember that, young people!

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, one big and flashy looking phone by Sony.

Sony rollout Sony Xperia Xperia Company is expected to launch its premium-range of smartphones Sony India has started sending media invites for an event on October

Nexus 6P, who'd have thought Huawei would make the best looking Nexus to date?

If you are looking for best cases for Nexus then here is a list of top 10 cases for your smartphone!

OPPO R7 Plus, not the most orignal phone out there. But definitely a pretty one.

OPPO Plus, not the most orignal phone out there.