If I was ten and getting my first pokèmon out of bulbasour charmander or um. Somthin I would choose charmAnder the most loyal pokèmon ever to me

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Pokemon Terrariums

Not a Pokemon fan but these are genius. Genius is born! Although I did like to think they got a bit smaller so that they had enough room to move about-- Support Free-Range Pokemon!

Mew et son monde imaginaire .

Rewatched the first Pokemon movie and felt like drawing a cute mew ^^ (I also want to draw mewtwo when I get the time) Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop<<<So cuuute.

Pokemon X la reine des neiges ( givrali X Elsa )

This is a Pokémon/Frozen crossover. It's Queen Elsa from Frozen and Glaceon from Pokémon!

Le Pokémon Center Paris éphémère ouvre ses portes mercredi - Dès son ouverture le mercredi 4 juin prochain, le Pokémon Center Paris présentera une exposition d'œuvres d'art sur le thème des jeux vidéo Pokémon, incluant des esquisses encore jamais vues.

Le Pokémon Center Paris éphémère ouvre ses portes mercredi

Charme de pokeball par SaphirazlilJewels sur Etsy

Pokeball Charm/ Key Chain/ Cellphone/Necklace/or Earrings