Rag Chair - Droog Design - recycler - transformer - assemblage de vieux vêtement pour former un fauteuil

Vêtements recyclés

Designed by Tejo Remy * Droog (droog is a Dutch word meaning "dry") is a conceptual Dutch design company situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

lustre design 85 LAMPS by Rody Graumans for Droog design

The iconic Lamps' Chandelier by Droog gets an eco-friendly LED update. The 85 Lamps Chandelier was designed by Rody Graumans for Droog Design in the Netherlands. Less and more in a single product: 85 LED bulbs, fitting, cord and connector create li

RECUPERATION  "Chest of drawers" 1991   Tiroirs empilés en bois  et sangle en cuir.  Droog Design

"Chest of drawers" 1991 Tiroirs empilés en bois et sangle en cuir.

Non sans rappeler la frappante campagne de publicité pour Mark & Spencer , Rag Chair du studio Droog Design est composée d’une quinzaine de sacs de vieux vêtements. Chaque chaise est uniq…

Vêtements recyclés

Rag chair by Tejo Remy - droog: This chair is layered from the contents of 15 bags of rags. It arrives ready made but the user has the option to recycle its own discarded clothes to be included in the.

Chest of Drawers - You Can’t Lay Down Your Memory - Tejo Remydroog design

Droog Design : phénomène de groupe, attitude collective, état d’esprit ?

Suspension Milk Bottle - Droog Design - réutilisation de 12 bouteilles translucides pour créer un luminaire- éclairage- réutilisation- recyclage

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Pour la beauté de l'art...: Jurgen Bey

The Kokon furniture by Jurgen Bey for Droog was a result of the Dry Tech Project in By using the so-called spider's web technique, desolate furniture is wrapped with synthetic fibres creating a smooth, elastic skin.


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