~Wings of Freedom ∞

~Wings of Freedom ∞

"You can't hide yourself, you can't run. We're fighting for our lives. But we just cannot lose again. There's not much time, be ready fight : Do it."
~Wings of Freedom ∞
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I can’t

Seriously tho how did we get to freaking dinosaurs in a parallel dimension and the son of Satan in a different parallel dimension trying to rescue Mary Winchester. Meanwhile, no one knows where Cas is and could really do with his back-from-the-dead hell

Attack on Titan in a nutshell

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Oh....I rewatched episode 17 and now I understand why she said sorry....oh no I'm going to cry..

Attack on Titan ~~ The first time I saw this, I thought she was just mourning a comrade. Now I understand and now. I want to cry for all of them. Watch your favorite anime series online