"Queen" Did this painting last week!! It was so much fun *^* especially the…

Mistiko meaning secret or mystery in Greek. Daughter of the fates who cannot lie but often deceives with illusions of destiny. Shes named as the Fates tell her secrets about the destinies they weave.

Giraffe Art Print

I like this quirky little giraffe. He's simple, yet very detailed. And I like the fact that the artist used black and white rather than colors Giraffe by Nicole Cioffe - Graphic Design


"In winter when the cold winds clawed through our thin clothing and made the ground hard and unworkable, I would let my hair hang free and shield my face from at least a little of the wind." <---not mine, but amazing!

Beautiful Illustrations by Megatruh

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doctormeloku: Shintaro Kago via: Yellowmenace

Kago Shintaro ,Shintaro Kago’s style has been called “fashionable paranoia”.


Fish Ink © Alfred Basha Mais I like this, but maybe with a spaceship instead of the ship!