Astounding steampunk leatherwork bags and books - Boing Boing. to design a bespoke perfume to go in your awesome bag:)

Steampunk Tendencies |Belt bags Victorian / Steampunk style ~ Ätherwerk…

Unique and extremely ornate, handmade, Steampunk shoulder bag AND belt bag. Worn as a shoulder bag or belt bag for technicians, timer. shoulder bag of the Timelord or Timelady

Leinad MR 45/410 Pepper box Pistol Judge & 10 Shot 22WMR 22 Mag Pepperbox Revolver Derringer

explorations-into-my-mind: “ Leinad MR Pepper box Pistol Judge and 10 Shot 22 Mag Pepperbox Revolver Derringer ”

Pure90 - Retina Digital Audio Workstation GUI Kit

- Retina Digital Audio Workstation GUI Kit by Kontramax (via Creattica)

medicine bottle by on @deviantART

Age of Conan: medicine bottle Concept art Which flavor do you prefer? :P medicine bottle

Medieval Larp SCA Pagan RE Enactment Gothic Steampunk Wicca Leather Writing SET | eBay

Medieval/Larp/SCA/Pagan/Re enactment/Gothic/Steampunk/Wicca LEATHER WRITING SET

create a pattern and make one for SCA. Only it should have quill pens, not wooden with metal nibs.

some concepts and some final works on Mojow Locow,a game of Owlient/Ubisoft on free to play.But this web game is closed

French Keys, 18th century.

French Keys, century - Forged and cut iron - Photo credit John Nienhuis

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Inspiration for a custom staff - carved ball smaller than the stone pictured. It's the Sidhe staff from Merlin!