Highland cow.

I REALLY want one of these cows! Highland Cattle: This animal looks so kind and gentle. A very nice Black and White photo! (I've always wanted a Highland Cow Since I Was A Lil' Kid.But I also wanted to live on a farm!

Highland Cow

Highland Cow in Scotland. We want one so bad! Ever since we went to Scotland on our honeymoon we can't stop talking about a 'heeland coo'

Highland cow

Highland cow in heather on Curbar Edge, Peak District National Park, Derbyshire. a "hairy coo" as they are called in ths Highlands

Highland cow & calf

♥ ~ ♥ Cattle ♥ ~ ♥ Highland calf getting a highland bath from his highland mama.

(How now, brown cow?) COW: " Okey, yoo saids it - me haz heard dat phrase at leasts times.


Cows mouth - Chewing the cud - Constable country - Dedham to Flatford Mill - Essex, England - Sunday June 2007