Bande de cerfs

L'arche de noé

I dream of a world where we admire this beauty from afar for what it is and let it be. They are conscious creatures, alive, and a part of this earth, not trophies to adorn the walls of our and white deer.

Buddhist monk and tiger

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, or the Tiger Temple, is a Theravada Buddhist forest temple in western Thailand. It is a sanctuary for numerous animals, including several tame tigers. The tigers walk around.


Moon to Moon: The gardens of Jeffrey Bale trying to discover if these are mosaiced rugs or real ones? Either way i would love to have Jeff come design our pool area

Stabat mater dolorosa

Stabat mater dolorosa

Truth: "…all Masonic associations owe to it [Kabbalah] their secrets and their symbols."—Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic *One could say modern day Wicca is also rooted in Kabbalah.

Sunrise in Le Barcarès

Sunrise in Le Barcarès


Give your old piano some character with paint or ink. I just need an old piano.