Armelle Caron

Cities have amazing varieties of block shapes and sizes that give place a distinct character. The artist from Things Organized Neatly highlights these patterns by deconstructing street maps into piles of city blocks organized by size.


A City Made of Rooms : The “Neue Stadt” of Köln (1961-1964) by...

euphues: ““ A City Made of Rooms : The “Neue Stadt” of Köln by O. Ungers ” I love you Samuel, I write yet again, my heart having grown so tired of all the pain and nonsense, of.

Katsura imperial villa, Kyoto

Katsura imperial villa, Kyoto - tatami and shoji control the complex network of relationships between the different elements/ the japanese house is an open, additive configuration of individual rooms


“The Architecture of Madness”: León Ferrari’s Héliographias

Sou Fujimoto: Children's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Children’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation / Sou Fujimoto Architects

atelier tenjinyama by ikimono architects exposes the elements

Ikomono architects designs a singular space to create ambition, imagination and genius. Atelier Tenjinyama becomes the desire of Takasaki, Japan.

Office AIO transforms a shared Hutong into small but captivating coffee bar and…

Completed in 2016 in Beijing, China. Images by Eric Zhang - Yu Cheng. Office AIO transforms tiny Hutong spaces into a serious coffee bar and B&B Nestled within Xiang’er Hutong in central Beijing, Big Small Coffee +.