Marine Goodmorning

Marine Goodmorning

Marine Goodmorning
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"Venus" - Kate McDowell - 2006 - Anatomie - Cœur - Sculpture - Lumière - Porcelaine

"Venus" - Kate McDowell, 2006 {anatomical heart sculpture hand built porcelain, cone, acrylic gel, halogen light} This is amazing

Ten assorted artificial eyes, London, England, 1870-1920

Ten assorted artificial eyes, London, England, 1870 my dad lost his eye in an accident and had one of these.fascinating to 2 generations of little kids!

Lovers' eyes

A Collection of "Lover’s Eyes" Jewelry. Lover’s eyes are hand-painted portraits on ivory which were popular in England between the and

Serpent [Juul Kraijer]

Juul Kraijer 2004 I have been drawing human-headed serpents since I was a kid for some reason (perhaps unconsciously tapping into nascent kundalini energy?