100 brilliant print adverts We've updated this list of brilliant print advertisements with some inspiring examples over the last month. http://www.creativebloq.com/inspiration/print-ads-1233780

100 brilliant print adverts

This is a French ad administrated by the French Ministry of Health. This ad states in the bottom right corner: Obesity starts from childhood.Very graphic yet creative.

12 Creative Toothpaste Advertisements (toothpaste ad, toothpaste ads) - ODDEE

12 Creative Toothpaste Advertisements - toothpaste ad, toothpaste ads

12 Creative Toothpaste Advertisements (toothpaste ad, toothpaste ads) - ODDEE Love this but the photography could have been even better.

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Creative Guerrilla Marketing - The Site For Guerilla Marketing, Ambient Advertising, and Unconventional Marketing Examples.

Publicité - Creative advertising campaign - Lipton

Incredible Commercial Advertising Works by Christian Stoll

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Ariel: Bright white - Exaggeration can make for some interesting concepts. Ariel makes the person’s shirt so white in this advertisement by Saatchi & Saatchi that the shadow is blocked.

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Levi's Advertiser: Levi Strauss & Co. Brand name: Levi`s Product: Levi's 501 Jeans Agency: BBH Singapore Country: Singapore Category: Apparel, Clothing & Footwear, Jeans Released: January 2003

♂ Creative Advertisement Campaigns Ideas - Anti-smoking advertising design http://ashmoresigns.com.au/creative_art.html

This anti-smoking ad adds to the many points that smoking kills. In this case, it depicts smoke forming a noose around the neck of an otherwise unaware woman. This shows that smoking slowly kills whether the smoker knows it or not.

“SCARY, BUT TRUE”, social awareness campaign

“SCARY, BUT TRUE”, social awareness campaign

/ Suddenly it got scary? It’s hard to tell when fun becomes disease. Don’t try to check it yourself. Two print ads from the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita in order to support the Alcoholics Anonymous helpline.

I love this example of an Adidas ambient media advert. This particular advert symbolises the 'banana kick' technique (curling the ball) in football and as simple as it is, the slogan 'Impossible is Nothing' impacts a powerful message which has existed throughout the brand's history. Unfortunately I do not know when this advert was created or who by however, the link I found it on is below.

This reminds people of food, in particular bananas and at the same time reminds people of Adidas shoes of yellow color. Meaning the shoes are as tasty as bananas.

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Funny dog pics part A selection of funny dog pics and photos showing the funny side of dogs and dog ownership. Laugh out loud dog humour.

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Why does a hair salon ad have to feature the implication of a naked woman's legs? It's a hair salon!