Bol en terre cuite

Terracotta serving bowl

One terracotta serving bowl. The bowls are hand pinched from a ball of clay keeping all fingermarks on the surface.


― P U B L I C H O L I D A Yさん( 「A fresh batch of ribbed cups up on the online store. Just in time for the weekend!

MATIN LUMINEUX: Totems de jardin                              …

What a FUNtastic Totem, like Water Bubbles intermixed with the Driftwood.

Nathalie Derouet - création de céramique contemporaine

I love this simple, ceramic artwork by Nathalie Derouet . Minimal, natural colours and beautiful organic shapes that makes me wanna touch.

Cache pot en grès - pot en céramique - poterie pot - vase pour plante grasse

Stoneware planter - Ceramic Planter - Pottery Planter - Succulent Planter

This tall, spotted planter has been thrown on the wheel from earthy, rustic stoneware. It has been selectively glazed to create a patterned


Succulent Pod tile van DillyPad op Etsy Installation idea for a class.each kid makes a similar thing, group together

Maison et Objet Paris 2014

PCM Reversed Volumes

PCM Reversed Volumes by mischer'traxler at Maison et Objet Paris 2014