So, I may or may not have made an inhuman noise when I saw him. He's the perfect Axiom! Axiom Dean <<< idk who this boy is butnI love him

sk-06-21 by Harpiya on deviantART

An older version of Sumo to go along with the older, mechanical-armed version of Glitch. by Harpiya on deviantART Character girl illustration black девушка черный иллюстрация digital

I suppose if Yvette had her horned sawed off, she'd look something like this

by DestinyBlue on Wow, this painting makes you feel so much emotion. I love how just one look captured in a second can show longing, wondering, hopefulness. That is what art's supposed to be :)

Je ne veut plus respirer l'air d'une planète en souffrance.

awesome Ariel Wydnie wearing a gas mask in the later volume. Sort of tells the story, do.

/*/*/                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Adorable kawaii anime illustration - little girl in red rain coat & umbrella in a big puddle - or a version of little red riding hood

Rin *O* Par contre ya un détail qui me choque ('fin ché pas si on peu appeler ça un détail...), Il a les yeux rouges alors que Rin a normalement les yeux bleus '-'

Ao no exorcist if u ask why rins eyes and sword is red becouse its like an extra manga called ao bı exorcist oneshot

“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace,Yet Grace must still look so.” It means that even though all angels are good, the best one still fell ( lucifer), but that doesn't take away from the rest being good. A way of saying do not generalize things because the worst can happen to the best of us.

Holding up the world on your shoulders can sometimes be hard. Even angels need to re-connect. 🍂Beautiful Angel on a swing🍂