ecoles enfantines - Cocotte de Pâques

This chubby chicken is so easy, so cute! Maybe pre-punch holes in edges of 2 paper plates and weave together, with yarn. Yellow feathers for a tail would make it so adorable, and extra texture from pompoms all over, too! (Spring craft for kids)

Diy de pâques - Petit cadeau pour les invités

DiY : un pochon de Pâques

Little "bunny ears" bags.pre-cut and pre-punch, of felt. Let child stitch with yarn through the punched holes! Pinked edges would be nice.(Spring craft, with a child)

Hatching egg craft

im totally going to do this except have baby winters face in there when you open the flap haha :)

décoration de Pâques avec un poussin DIY très original en papier

Décoration de Pâques DIY sympas en 20 photos magnifiques!

DIY Pâques – activités manuelles : chocolats, oeufs, lapins, poules … occupez vos enfants à Pâques | Plus de Mamans

Fold a paper cone, and make your own chicken. Cute for Easter or to do at school.