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View the Pixel Art - Isometric Tiles job sample on Elance.

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Hello and good evening Gamers, it's Christmas Eve tomorrow woohoo!

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But before that, it's time for a new game that needs your support, it's a JRPG called Crystal Kingdom.


Shadow puppetry wins the heart of an audience by its lingering music, exquisite sculpture, brisk color and lively performance.

Intro from the video is interesting: http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/25/8288253/convoy-gameplay-video

Convoy is a bitsy mash-up of roguelike FTL and Mad Max.

Amazing space gif by http://www.mattfrith.com/

In honour of Homeworld Remastered's release — and the game's enduring style — artist Matt Frith put together this homage to Homeworld Suddenly, I want to play a Homeworld, real bad.