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Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte RAMPLING (b. [] Active since 1965 > Born Tessa Charlotte Rampling 5 Feb 1946 Essex, England > Other: Model > Spouses: Bryan Southcombe div); Jean Michel Jarre div) > Children: Barnaby Southcombe and David Jarre, plus Émilie Jarre (stepdaughter)

Charlotte Rampling by Christian Kettiger | Portrait - Fashion - Editorial - Black and White - Photography - Pose Idea

“I generally don’t make films to entertain people. I choose the parts that challenge me to break through my own barriers. A need to devour, punish, humiliate, or surrender seems to be a primal part of.

Charlotte Rampling, I'll never forget her in the movie, "Georgie's Girl"

Tessa Charlotte Rampling OBE born 5 February 1946 is an English actress In a career spanning 50 years she has appeared in English language French and It


Charlotte Rampling was widely embraced by French audiences, and is pictured here in Paris in 1974

Charlotte Rampling

'Film fans want to see young flesh so stop moaning': Charlotte Rampling on speed dating and being a 'femme fatale' at 66

Charlotte Rampling, 63 at the time of the photo shoot.

The Magnificent Charlotte Rampling - "Beauty does come from inside you", she commented, and as one ages, "you're just a slightly older version of yourself". But resorting to surgery, "you're trying to betray nature".

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