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Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte RAMPLING (b. [] Active since 1965 > Born Tessa Charlotte Rampling 5 Feb 1946 Essex, England > Other: Model > Spouses: Bryan Southcombe div); Jean Michel Jarre div) > Children: Barnaby Southcombe and David Jarre, plus Émilie Jarre (stepdaughter)

Charlotte Rampling, I'll never forget her in the movie, "Georgie's Girl"

Tessa Charlotte Rampling OBE born 5 February 1946 is an English actress In a career spanning 50 years she has appeared in English language French and It

Charlotte Rampling

'Film fans want to see young flesh so stop moaning': Charlotte Rampling on speed dating and being a 'femme fatale' at 66

Charlotte Rampling, 63 at the time of the photo shoot.

The Magnificent Charlotte Rampling - "Beauty does come from inside you", she commented, and as one ages, "you're just a slightly older version of yourself". But resorting to surgery, "you're trying to betray nature".

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