Brochettes de fruits arc-en-ciel - Quel pique-nique pour les enfants ? - Elle à Table

A fun healthy snack for both adults and kids. I make these for Nodi's school snack sometimes. On one I add fruits and on the other vegetables and cheese. I also substitute the wooden sticks with straws, just to be on the safe side ;


Raspberries - high in vitamin C and they contain anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin A, and vitamin E.a third favorite fruit Love raspberries and mixed berries.

Fraises - Strawberries, au sucre, avec de la crème chantilly...

Red - Strawberries my favorite fruit.Want to know my secret to whiter teeth. Crush some fresh strawberries onto your teeth and leave on for 30 sec.

Fritando os ovos ...

Super soft pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting Breakfast . by Berta. breakfast to go.