Fraises - Strawberries, au sucre, avec de la crème chantilly...

Red - Strawberries my favorite fruit.Want to know my secret to whiter teeth. Crush some fresh strawberries onto your teeth and leave on for 30 sec.


Still Life: Shutter speed: 1000 Aperture: I chose this picture because I thought this still life was different than the regular ones of fruits, as it had pomegranate seeds included, with a metal spoon.

Pepper + shoe by Stephen McMennamy. Art Director Stephen McMennamy looks for simple backgrounds, takes two photographs, and then carefully arranges them together. #combophoto

A Photographer Combines Wildly Different Objects To Create Surreal Images

Here are the latest improbable mashups by Stephen McMennamy, who with his ComboPhoto series is having fun combining two pictures to create hilarious visual

kiwi en coupe

Fractal symmetry in nature, Kiwi? (don't know if it is truly a symmetrical fractal, but it is beautiful. :) I like it because of the circle in the kiwi.