Sainte Bernadette du Banlay chrurch, Nevers (France), Claude Parent & Paul Virilio, 1966

Visions of an Industrial Age // Sainte-Bernadette-du-Banlay Church, Nevers, France, by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio, 1966

Villa drusch in versailles by claude parent and d.m. davidoff, michel carrade and roger fatus (1963-1965). built for local entrepreneur gaston drusch. image © dominique delaunay courtesy cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, archives d’architecture du XXe siècle

claude parent architectural and graphic work

Maison Drusch, Versailles - Collection - frac centre

Maison Drusch, Versailles - Collection - frac centre

Sección y planta “Drusch house” / Versailles / Claude Parent y Paul Virilio / 1962-63.

Arquitectura oblicua

Claude Parent

Influenced by the push and pull of gravity to make people feel alive within his spaces.

# GREAT SPECULATIONS /// The Oblique Function by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio | The Funambulist

Sometimes I like to revisit the classics ! The Oblique Function was first developed in the by Architecture Principe ( Claude Parent &.

Claude Parent

The French architect broke rule after rule on his way to developing a radical aesthetic that was all his own.