Prefold Cloth Diapers- several different ways to diaper your baby

Prefold Picture Tutorial

6 Ways to Fold a Prefold Diaper | This West Coast Mommy - In this #clothdiaper #tutorial, I show you 6 different ways to fold a prefold diap...

6 Ways to Fold a Prefold Cloth Diaper

In this cloth diaper tutorial, I show you how to fold a prefold diaper 6 different ways, with tips and recommendations for each.

How to Breastfeed in a Moby Wrap – MOBY baby carriers

Wear your baby and breastfeed at the same time! Sarah Harding Traverso of Asobi Sport Family Fitness shows us 2 simple hold options to nurse while babywearing in a Moby Wrap.

Einer der Punkte um den sich frischgebackene Mütter beim stillen wohl die meisten Sorgen machen: trinkt mein Baby auch genug? Bekommt es alles, was es braucht? Oder weint es, wie es Hunger hat und ich sollte zufüttern? #infographic #breastfeeding

[German site] Nursing is not for moms only - if Dad is savvy, it's so much easier!

Breastfeeding - Good for you, your baby and the planet

Breastfeeding: Good for You, Your Baby, and the Planet

Besides protecting the health of mothers and babies, breastfeeding is an important way of protecting the health of our planet as a whole. Here are just a few of the important ways that breastfeeding helps Mother Earth.

Eastern European Breastfeeding Folk Art

"Eastern European Breastfeeding Folk Art" Though not into breastfeeding, i think this could be a cool idea with a pattern inside the keyhole (not breastfeeding)

Zwillinge Stillen: Nochmals Stillhaltungen für das Stillen von Zwillingen.

Zwillinge Stillen: Nochmals Stillhaltungen für das Stillen von Zwillingen.