Gypsy Vanner horses from Gypsy Gold Horse Farms in Ocala, Florida. Photo taken by Mark J. Barrett (

The always gorgeous "Gypsy Girls" of Gypsy Gold Farm in Ocala, FL - from left to right: GG Hoochie, GG Fred Walker, Shampoo Girl and GG Diamond Girl. Photo by Mark J.

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Spend a week at a Texas Hill Country Dude Ranch, where they'll have you sittin' in the saddle in no time. They usually have pretty good food too, like peach cobbler cooked in a cast iron skillet.


39 bébés animaux parmi les plus craquants du monde qui vous feront fondre de tendresse

donkeys help make mules, mules are sterile. so that means donkeys help keep the world mule population pretty manageable.

At Appleby Horse Fair.

Pony: Now it goes like this. Put one foot up really high, then the other. This is a very fancy move my mom showed me. Horse: My foot can go much higher than yours can.

You know your horse is sweet when it lets a little boy ride him! Also the clydesdale looks so sweet with the mini


25 Kids Who Know The Secret To Happiness

Let's be completely honest, this had better be my future kid and pony or I'm gonna be seriously disappointed. My two favorite things: ponies and precious boy babies in grown-up clothes, and they're hugging! Lead line child hugging pony after class.

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